Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK)

The Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (IGiK) was established in 1945. The headquarters of the Institute is located in Warsaw, in the Mokotów district, at 27 Z. Modzelewski Street (formerly J. Kaczmarski Street).

The main task of the Institute is to conduct scientific research and applied work in the field of geodesy and cartography, as well as related disciplines, for the needs of scientific research, geodetic and cartographic practice, government and local administration, national security, and the needs of geodetic and cartographic surveying units.

The Remote Sensing Center has many years of experience in conducting scientific research and research and development work in the use of aerial and satellite images to acquire information about objects, phenomena, and processes occurring on the Earth’s surface. The Remote Sensing Center was established in 1976 as the Center for Processing Aerial and Satellite Images (OPOLiS), carrying out unique work using modern remote sensing techniques. Currently, the Remote Sensing Center conducts various research topics using optical (visible, thermal) and radar data, utilizing the latest satellite imaging from the COPERNICUS Program. They include:

AGRICULTURE: yield forecasting, detection and monitoring of droughts, crop recognition, estimation of crop conditions;
WETLAND AREAS (NATURA2000): energy and water balance, carbon exchange between the surface and the atmosphere, biomass estimation, study of soil moisture changes, classification of land cover types, and temporal changes;
BIOENERGY: detection and monitoring of energy crop plantations;
NATURAL HAZARDS: droughts, floods, fires, landslides;