Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS)

Poznan University of Life Sciences (PULS) is an institution with over 100 years of tradition in agricultural and forestry academic studies and 70 years of functioning as an autonomous unit. Its history dates back to the academic traditions of 1870 when the Higher Agricultural School named after Halina was established in Żabikowo near Poznań through the efforts of August Cieszkowski.

Currently, Poznan University of Life Sciences is one of the most significant natural science universities in the country. It educates over 7,000 students each year in 23 fields of study, employing over 800 academic teachers, including over 105 professors. The university has a modern material base and a wide range of qualified scientific and teaching staff.

Education at our university takes place at three levels, starting from bachelor’s/engineer’s studies, through supplementary or integrated master’s studies (Veterinary Medicine program), and ending with doctoral studies. The university has six faculties that offer a wide range of attractive study programs, including those with practical and interdisciplinary profiles.

Poznan University of Life Sciences has a modern scientific and didactic infrastructure where various innovative research projects are conducted, and classes, workshops, and laboratories for students are held. Thanks to excellent and unique equipment in many units, it is possible to carry out projects in cooperation with both domestic and international environments, and the offered range of services and research can be realized on multiple levels.